Walkers Are Welcome

Malvern is a "Walkers Are Welcome" town

Malvern has been given "Walkers are Welcome" status due to the fantastic countryside in and around the Malvern Hills, the wide range of walks for all abilities and our commitment to welcoming walkers.

The background to the Walkers are Welcome Scheme and also why Malvern has become a Walkers are Welcome town is described further down the page.

There are an abundance of walks in the Malverns for all abilities and advice on routes can be found on our Guides and Tours page as well as information on long distance routes that start or include the Malverns area.

There's also plenty of walker friendly accommodation in the town as well as bars and restaurants that welcome walkers - see the list of businesses that have signed up to the Walkers are Welcome Charter below.

As a Walkers are Welcome town we encourage the use of public transport. You'll find plenty of information on bus routes and trains to and from the area here.

We hope you enjoy walking in this wonderful part of the Country - there's an ideal opportunity during the annual Malvern Walking Festival - which in 2014 will take place from Saturday 24th May to Sunday 1st June. The Walking Festival organisers also publish a webpage describing the Walkers are Welcome scheme.

What Is "Walkers Are Welcome"?

Walkers are Welcome (WAW) is a community led initiative to promote towns as places that have something special to offer walkers of all kinds. Towns and villages who seek Walkers are Welcome status must fulfil six criteria to gain accreditation:

Obtaining Walkers are Welcome status, as a growing number of communities across Britain are doing, brings a number of benefits. It helps strengthen a town's reputation as a place for visitors to come to enjoy the outdoors, bringing useful benefits to the local economy. It also helps to ensure that footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained in good condition, benefiting local people as well as visitors.

Malvern has demonstrated that it fulfils all six criteria and was officially awarded its Walkers are Welcome Status in September 2009.

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